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Ho Law The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning

The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring, and Learning addresses the psychological principles upon which coaching and mentoring is based, and integrates them in a universal framework for the theory and practice of individual and organizational development. The second edition is updated with the latest research, taking into account the increasing importance of positive psychology and its role in coaching and mentoring with an emphasis on strength, growth, and development. Combining high-level theory with practical applications and case studies, this is an invaluable resource for coaches, mentors, trainers, psychologists, executives, managers, and students.

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Ho Law Coaching Psychology. A Practitioners Guide

Coaching Psychology: A Practitioners Guide takes an in-depth look at the applications and everyday challenges faced by real-world practitioners of coaching and mentoring psychology. Developed as a companion to The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning, the practitioner’s guide delves more deeply into the applications of coaching and mentoring. This is the first book to harness the Universal Integrated Framework (UIF) for coaching and mentoring in a guide for practice, and is ideal for coaches, mentors, psychologists, and other professionals interested in this rapidly growing field.

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Jonathan Passmore The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology Coaching and Mentoring

A state-of-the-art reference, drawing on key contemporary research to provide an in-depth, international, and competencies-based approach to the psychology of coaching and mentoring. Puts cutting-edge evidence at the fingertips of organizational psychology practitioners who need it most, but who do not always have the time or resources to keep up with scholarly research Thematic chapters cover theoretical models, efficacy, ethics, training, the influence of emerging fields such as neuroscience and mindfulness, virtual coaching and mentoring and more Contributors include Anthony Grant, David Clutterbuck, Susan David, Robert Garvey, Stephen Palmer, Reinhard Stelter, Robert Lee, David Lane, Tatiana Bachkirova and Carol Kauffman With a Foreword by Sir John Whitmore

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Virtual Coach, Mentor. Edited by David Clutterbuck . Zulfi Hussain

In the case of virtual coaching and mentoring (or e-mentoring and ecoaching; or coaching/mentoring by wire-choose your own preferred nomenclature!) there are hundreds, perhapsthousands of programs and initiatives across the world. Yet there is comparatively little in theway of comparison of good practice or academic evaluation of what does and doesn't work.We found numerous individual case studies but a dearth of empirical research and no significantcollection of cases to illustrate the diversity of applications.Virtual Coach, Virtual Mentor provides a wide variety of perspectives on a rapidly growingphenomenon. We hope and intend that it should make a timely and significant contribution togood practice and to encouraging more practitioners and their clients and more organizationsto experiment with using electronic media to enrich coaching and mentoring. The view of ecoachingand e-mentoring is firmly one that these new media are less a replacement for traditionalface-to-face than an enhancement of learning alliances in general. We see no evidence offewer face-to-face coaching or mentoring relationships-on the contrary, they continue to become more popular and widespread.Rather, we see that virtual coaching and mentoring both enrich predominantly face-to-face relationships, by connecting partners attimes between formal meetings, and open up coaching and mentoring to new audiences and new applications.

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Marie Taylor Business Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies

Dont fall behind—Coach your business toward success! Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies explores effective coaching strategies that guide you in coaching and mentoring your colleagues. With insight into key coaching concepts and an impressive range of tools, this easy-to-use resource helps you transform your team—and yourself in the process! Written from the perspective of a business coach, this comprehensive book explores the practical coaching skill set, tools, and techniques that will help you along your way, and explains how to identify who to coach, what to coach, how to coach, and when to coach. Whether you have experience in a coaching and mentoring role or youre new to the coaching game, this is a valuable must-have resource. The right approach to business coaching can take your company from good to great—it can also improve employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, team morale, and your bottom line. The trick is to approach business coaching in a way that is effective and flexible, ensuring that you achieve results while meeting the unique needs of your team. This comprehensive text will help you: Understand the foundational concepts of business coaching and mentoring Discover how proper coaching and mentoring methods can help get a business on the right track Identify and leverage tools to develop your business leadership mindset Create a successful personal and business identity with the support and guidance of a coach Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies is an essential resource for business owners, business leaders, coaches, and mentors who want to take their skills to the next level.

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Scott Ian Practice Based Learning in Nursing, Health and Social Care: Mentorship, Facilitation Supervision

Work-based learning facilitation, mentoring and coaching are all integral to the healthcare professions. Practice Based Learning in Nursing, Health and Social Care promotes effective professional learning in the workplace and helps healthcare professionals to develop, enhance, reflect on and change their practice and perceptions of mentoring, facilitating, and supervision. Aimed at the health and social care practitioner who is involved in facilitating learning, teaching and assessing learners in practice, this essential, comprehensive text explores several key themes, including: – The nature of facilitating (coaching, supervision, mentoring) within professional contexts – Learning in communities of practice – Becoming an effective facilitator/mentor – Understand and supporting work-based learning – Managing the unusual, such as failing learners or those with special needs – Giving and documenting feedback – Managing workloads in busy environments – Professional development issues Special features: A clear, accessible guide for new and experienced practice educators/facilitators alike A comprehensive, applied text for practitioners of all levels of experience in facilitation and supervision Written by authors with extensive experience in the field Uniquely focuses on the professional development of the mentor/facilitator themselves Provides case studies throughout showing illustrating common issues and how to engage in formal theories of professional practice Multiprofessional focus – aimed at all health and social care practitioners

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Douglas Riddle The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching in Organizations

Effect better outcomes with a robust coaching program The CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations deals with the practical, ethical, and political challenges of coaching within an organization. From coaching superiors to coaching business teams, this book outlines the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) approach to professional coaching to help readers better manage leadership development and talent management program outcomes. With expert guidance on the key functions of human resources, learning and development, and organizational development, readers will gain insight into the issues associated with coaching program implementation and management, and the use of internal versus external coaches. Coverage includes a wide range of coaching-based services used in most large organizations, with practical advice on creating the right programs for maximum impact within the available budget. Professional development is a hot topic and plays a key role in attracting and retaining the best talent. Coaching is a broad area within the field, encompassing a range of services and goals, with varied expectations and requirements. This book provides actionable guidance for those designing, initiating, and implementing coaching programs, with new approaches and techniques that drive better outcomes. Provide direct coaching within an organization Manage coaching systems and programs Initiate and lead mentoring and peer-coaching programs Manage external coaches, and deal effectively with coaching suppliers An ideal coaching program must balance need with budget and be tailored to the requirements and resources of both the organization and the participants. Its a complex undertaking, but the right strategy and planning can lead to even better than expected outcomes. For the human resources professional who wants to strengthen an organizations coaching program, CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations is a thoughtful reference for a specialized function.

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Hernez-Broome Gina Advancing Executive Coaching. Setting the Course for Successful Leadership Coaching

Praise for Advancing Executive Coaching Rich in content, this book is an impressive and varied review of the field of coaching from a notable assembly of authors. It is thought provoking yet practical, and represents an important contribution to a fast-moving field. A must read for anyone interested in executive coaching and all organizations that want to implement coaching —Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and author of the New York Times best-sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Wont Get You There «This excellent book on executive coaching takes the reader on an exciting journey of discovery and explores the link between practice and research. A great resource for HR professionals and coaches.» —Professor Stephen Palmer, Ph.D., director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, City University, London, United Kingdom «If you are looking for a solid evidence-based book on leadership and executive coaching – look no further. From tools and techniques, to theoretical frameworks and practice advice on how to implement and measure leadership coaching – its all here. A must-have for the novice and experienced executive coach alike. Enjoy!» —Anthony M. Grant, Ph.D., director, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney «The book offers both tested strategies and techniques and an exploration of emerging issues and new directions.» —Cindy McCauley, Ph.D., senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership «The editors have compiled an all-star roster of authors who tackle issues from implementing and evaluating coaching programs to maximizing the effectiveness of individual coaching relationships. This book will be a must have for anyone interested in world-class executive coaching.» —Kurt Kraiger, Ph.D., 2010 SIOP President, Professor and Director of the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program at Colorado State University

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Marie Taylor Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies

Shape the leadership of tomorrow Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies provides business owners and managers with the insight they need to successfully develop the next generation of leaders. Packed with business-led strategies, key concepts, and effective techniques, this book equips you with the skills to transform both yourself and your team. Whether youre coaching colleagues, employees, or offering your skills as a service, these techniques will help you build a productive relationship that leads to business success. The companion website also features eight bonus videos that will further your mastery by showing you what great coaching looks like in action. Navigate tricky situations and emotional minefields with ease; develop vision, values, and a mission; create a long-term plan—everything you need is here, with expert guidance every step of the way. Understand how mentoring benefits both sides of the relationship Learn key coaching techniques that develop leadership potential Adopt new tools that facilitate coaching and mentoring interactions The modern workplace is a mix of generations, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks; great leadership can pull it all together toward a common goal, but who leads the leaders? Mentors and coaches fill this essential role, and this book shows you how to be one of the best.

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Mashek Debra Empirical Research in Teaching and Learning. Contributions from Social Psychology

Empirical Research in Teaching and Learning: Contributions from Social Psychology draws upon the latest empirical research and empirically-based theories from social psychology to inform the scholarship of teaching and learning. Provides an accessible theoretical grounding in social psychological principles and addresses specific empirical evidence drawn from teaching and learning contexts Features concrete strategies for use in the classroom setting Includes contributions from experts in both social psychology and the scholarship of teaching and learning

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Robert Biswas-Diener Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching. Assessment, Activities and Strategies for Success

Discover proven strategies for applying positive psychology within your coaching practice Written by Robert Biswas-Diener, a respected researcher, psychologist, life and organizational coach, and expert in positive psychology, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching presents a wide range of practical interventions and tools you can put to use right away in your coaching practice. Each intervention is clearly outlined and, where appropriate, illustrated by case studies from organizational and life coaching. Providing unique assessments that can be used to evaluate client resources and goals, this practical guide introduces tools unique to this book that every professional can use in their practice, including: Findings from new research on goal commitment strategies, motivation, growth-mindset theory, and goal revision A decision tree for working specifically with Snyders Hope Theory in the coaching context An easy-to-use assessment of «positive diagnosis,» which measures client strengths, values, positive orientation toward the future, and satisfaction Measures of self-esteem, optimism, happiness, personal strengths, motivation, and creativity Guidance for leading clients through organizational and common life transitions including layoffs, leadership changes, university graduation, middle age, and retirement Filled with reflective exercises for use in your own personal and professional development, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching also includes guidance and recommendations for marketing a positive psychology coaching practice.

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Robin Linnecar Business Coaching. Achieving Practical Results Through Effective Engagement

The aim of this book is primarily to enable those wanting to invest in coaching to be able to do so in the most effective way whether they are doing this as an organisation or as an individual. It illustrates the impact coaching can have and identifies changes in leadership and management demands and expectations. We consider what a coachee gets out of coaching, different formats for coaching and its potential value at Board level, including for the Chief Executive Officer, and for other individuals or groups such as new recruits or those who have just been promoted. We look at the difference between coaching and mentoring and the potential benefits that both can have, especially in combination. We look at how coaching programmes can be introduced effectively and how a leader might introduce coaching in their organisation. We address the international dimension with many organisations looking to ensure that leadership is based on similar values throughout its global reach. This book is unashamedly about business coaching. Quality coaching engagement will impact into an individuals wider life priorities and use of time and energy. But the effective delivery of business priorities has to be at the basis of introducing business coaching. Chapter headings: Effective Engagement The Impact Coaching Can Have Coaching in Context: Changes in Leadership and Management Demands and Expectations What Makes a Good Coach What a Coachee Gets Out of Engaging with Coaching Different Formats for Coaching Coaching and the Chief Executive Different Focuses of Individual Coaching The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring Meeting Business Priorities Introducing Coaching Programmes in a Whole Organisation Running Coaching in Your Organisation The International Dimension

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Robert Biswas-Diener Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching. Assessment, Activities and Strategies for Success

Discover proven strategies for applying positive psychology within your coaching practice Written by Robert Biswas-Diener, a respected researcher, psychologist, life and organizational coach, and expert in positive psychology, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching presents a wide range of practical interventions and tools you can put to use right away in your coaching practice. Each intervention is clearly outlined and, where appropriate, illustrated by case studies from organizational and life coaching. Providing unique assessments that can be used to evaluate client resources and goals, this practical guide introduces tools unique to this book that every professional can use in their practice, including: Findings from new research on goal commitment strategies, motivation, growth-mindset theory, and goal revision A decision tree for working specifically with Snyders Hope Theory in the coaching context An easy-to-use assessment of «positive diagnosis,» which measures client strengths, values, positive orientation toward the future, and satisfaction Measures of self-esteem, optimism, happiness, personal strengths, motivation, and creativity Guidance for leading clients through organizational and common life transitions including layoffs, leadership changes, university graduation, middle age, and retirement Filled with reflective exercises for use in your own personal and professional development, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching also includes guidance and recommendations for marketing a positive psychology coaching practice.

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Mentoring for the Professions. Orienting Toward Future

A volume in the series: Mentoring Perspectives (formaly listed as Perspectives in Mentoring)Series Editor(s): Frances K. Kochan, Auburn UniversityThis edited volume brings together conceptual and empirical work from various professional fields toinform a perspective on mentoring that goes beyond what is needed for today and orients toward what isneeded for the future in order to promote healthy and productive organizations. This perspective is importantbecause the pace of change in organizations is rapid--and increasingly so. Under conditions of rapidand ongoing change, employees, students, and colleagues all are learners; and the learning needs of theseadults demand meaningful and focused strategies for professional development. A major strategy withdemonstrated value for fostering learning among adults is mentoring, which contributes both relationaland structural support for such learning. This support helps organizations build communities of practicein which colleagues alternate the role of mentor and mentee by sharing different types of expertise and differentperspectives on organizational challenges.Chapters within the book focus on theoretical perspectives on mentoring, the connection between change and mentoring, the character of the leadershipthat mentoring entails, the developmental processes that mentees experience, the transformation of the mentee as a result of mentoring, the valueof matching mentor and mentee styles, and the role of mentoring in organizational te...

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David Taylor The Naked Coach. Business Coaching Made Simple

Bestselling author David Taylor returns with his take on business coaching. No fuss. No jargon. Just great ideas. The Naked Coach is the back-to-basics book on coaching that will make sense of coaching and place it back at the very heart of the business agenda. It will make understanding, learning and teaching coaching simple. The Naked Coach tells real, practical, fun, exciting and above all else relevant stories that you can apply straightaway. David Taylor strips away the hype, jargon and mystery to give coaching a clear definition in all its forms, including mentoring, training, facilitation and interventions of every kind. The Naked Coach explains coaching without being patronising, defines without being arrogant, and does it in a fun, accessible way. It is coaching from a different perspective – yours. The fundamental principle of The Naked Coach is to be yourself – always. Find what works for you, and do it, again and again and again. Remember. No fuss. No Jargon. Just great ideas.

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Landry John M. Learning Styles of Law Enforcement Officers

This study examines law enforcement training as it applies to learning style theory. An examination of adult learning is comprehensively covered throughout the study. The VARK learning style assessment instrument is utilized to gather data from law enforcement officer throughout Southeast Florida in the United States. The results of the study are explained thoroughly with recommendations for future studies and research.

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Производители | Hi-End Centre

производители аудиотехники hi-end: ламповые усилители, проигрыватели виниловых дисков, акустические кабели, акустические системы, рупорная акустика

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Phosphorylation oxydative — Wikipédia

La phosphorylation oxydative fait intervenir des réactions qui libèrent de l'énergie pour réaliser des réactions qui consomment de l'énergie : on dit que ces ...


Robert Charbonnet - All rights reserved. Yune Ho AW15. 4.jpg

Yune Ho - Kick Pleat

South Korean designer Yune Ho founded his line in 2012 after attending the Parson's School of Design. The collection is a true reflection of Ho's diverse background. Known for his clean minimalist style, he uses his experiences in Seoul and New York to shape the look of his line. Developing ...

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В нашем маркетплейсе goods можно купить масляные обогреватели HYUNDAI от 1 ... Радиатор HYUNDAI H-HO-4 ...

Hamaki-Ho 2018 – каталог, где купить, цены и интернет ... - Ланита

Ассортимент и цены на Hamaki-Ho: 755 предложений. 1 · « · 4; 5 (current); 6 · » · 20. Hamaki-Ho Полусапоги и высокие ботинки ... Hamaki-Ho Жилет.

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Масляный радиатор Hyundai H-HO9-07-UI847 — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 10 ...

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Жилеты из мохера - подберите по цене, брендам и характеристикам в Кирове. Большой ... Купить жилеты из мохера в Кирове .... Жилет HAMAKI-HO.



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PTP Vessel at berth – Port Community Portal System.

* Estimated Departure is based on customer advised Vessel Schedule. VESSEL NAME (VESSEL ID)

Kumho Tire — Википедия

Kim Jong-ho (Ким Чен-Хо) ... Четвёртой среди мировых производителей компания разработала шину с применением технологии run flat, ...

Жилеты мужские Размер: 50 размера - купить во Владивостоке ...

Жилеты мужские Размер: 50 размера во Владивостоке. В продаже жилеты ... Жилеты. 48, 50, 52 · Ново-классический жилет Hamaki-HO (Италия). 48, 50 ...

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Oracle 错误总结及问题解决 ORA - 基于Oracle11G - CSDN博客

建议使用ctrl + f精确搜索. ora-00001: 违反唯一约束条件 (.) 错误说明:当在唯一索引所对应的列上键入重复值时,会触发此异常。

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Creative Director Yune Ho (@yune_ho) • Instagram photos and videos

2,195 Followers, 978 Following, 1,603 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Creative Director Yune Ho (@yune_ho)

Архив старых коллекций прошлых лет HAMAKI-HO по годам

Архив прошлых коллекций HAMAKI-HO: старые модели и каталоги за 2008-2017 год. Добавить коллекцию · Коллекция HAMAKI-HO. 2015 16 фото.


I discovered designer Yune Ho at my friend's store, ANTHOM. ANTHOM is known for featuring elevated, designer pieces that are minimal with a twist and I've been a fan and friend for years.

Crunchyroll - Kyung Ho Jung Отзывы - Crunchyroll

Ищите свежие новости, обсуждения и фотографии Kyung Ho Jung онлайн. BIO Choung Kyung ... Страна производитель: Korea (South) ... As Choi Yune

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Pin by Nohal Yousry on fcewrc | Pinterest | Coat, Clothes and Jackets

Каталог женской верхней одежды от производителя | ElectraStyle. More information ... Yune Ho / Eddie Hooded Mac. Welt PocketConfortableGet ...

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Купить Andy HO с бесплатной доставкой по Москве и всей России. Andy HO 6 моделей — каталог от интернет-магазинов с ... Легкое пальто Andy HO.

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Жакет HAMAKI-HO 1770612 в интернет-магазине Wildberries.by. Пиджак с длинными рукавами и отложным воротником. Модель с застежкой на ...

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About Yune Ho - Yune Ho

About Yune Ho. Yune Ho is born from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi: beauty in imperfect perfection. Though not precisely definable, the concept is based on in-the-moment appreciation of experience, circumstance, and materiality. Yune Ho's unique tailoring, proportion, fit, ...

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Купить мужские жилеты Hamaki Ho с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 36 моделей в наличии.

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Hamaki-Ho 2018 – каталог, где купить, цены и интернет ... - Lanita RU

Hamaki-Ho Осень-зима 2018/2019. Ассортимент и цены на Hamaki-Ho: 755 предложений. 1 · « · 14; 15 (current) ... Hamaki-Ho Жилет. 4150 руб. ➟ YOOX ...

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Yune Ho | The RealReal

Shop authentic Yune Ho at up to 90% off. The RealReal is the world's #1 luxury consignment online store.

⋆ Мужская верхняя одежда HAMAKI-HO ᐈ Купить в Интернет ...

... брендовой мужской верхней одежды HAMAKI-HO в Интернет-магазине ... пользуются бомбер, полупальто, короткие и удлиненные куртки, жилет.

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Liste de conductivités thermiques — Wikipédia

Ouvrages, sites internet (en) Yeram Sarkis Touloukian, R. H. Powell, C. Y. Ho et P. G. Klemens, Thermal Conductivity - Metallic Elements and Alloys, vol. 1 (SBN 306 ...

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Большой каталог товаров: Легкие пальто street leathers▽ - сравнение цен в ... -26%. ANDY HO Легкое пальто. ANDY HO. ANDY HO Легкое пальто. - 26%

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Оригинальное автостекло легко отличить, маркируя логотип производителя, обработанные края, наличие защитной полосы, молдинги, ...

Ho law the psychology of coaching mentoring and learning. スレンダートーン 腹筋パッド | Joshin webショップ 通販 | ショップジャパン | SLTP

スレンダートーン 腹筋パッド 40セッション(20時間)を目安に交換してください・セット内容:粘着パッド(大)×1枚、(小)×2枚 ...

Лудхияны Новосибирск Neijiang Мапуто NanДуала ... - SN Tube

... ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛИ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛИ ВКЛАДЫ ДЕПОЗИТ Nucl ARMS ... Мадрас DHAKA Essen Tianjin Tientsin ГОНКОНГ Taipei Лахор Ho Chi Minh City ...

Sale Results - Wayne County Sheriff

Wayne County Sheriff's Office. Civil Division 330-287-5766. FAX 330-287-5716 . Sales Start at 10:00 A.M. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office ...

Ho law the psychology of coaching mentoring and learning. Read catalogue_lepetittrainbleu.xls - readbag.com

Readbag users suggest that catalogue_lepetittrainbleu.xls is worth reading. The file contains 465 page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

Yune Ho - Chicmi

Yune Ho is on Chicmi - the fashion calendar. Discover every event happening in your city featuring this brand, and get alerts when new events are added.

Кашемировые женские толстовки и олимпийки купить в Москве в ...

723 брендов доступнейших и известных производителей Adam Selman, Yune Ho, Gianfilippo Benci, Ac Alessandro Cantarelli, Ungaro, Angie The Event ...

Масляные обогреватели - hyundai-kuban.ru

Описание:Масляные радиаторы Hyundai серии Mini имеют технологию Steel Safety, которая полностью ..

Брюки белые — Hamaki-Ho, акция действует до 12 марта 2018 ...

Брюки белые. Торговая марка: Hamaki-Ho. Вариант: Мужское. LeBoutique – коллекция брендовых вещей от Hamaki-Ho — 2431754.

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Масляный обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-9-07-UI 847. 2600 Руб. Модель: Hyundai. Найти ...

Yune ho | Perfect Dresses

Explore perfect dresses's collection of must-have dresses and yune ho.

YUNE HO - каталог коллекции 2018-2019 в ... - footgears.ru

Большой выбор одежды, обуви и аксессуаров из каталога YUNE HO в footgears.ru от лучших магазинов. Постоянные скидки, доставка во все регионы, удобный выбор.

HAMAKI-HO, ХАМАКИ-ХО - мода на Relook.ru

HAMAKI-HO (ХАМАКИ-ХО) – молодёжный мужской бренд для уверенных и даже самоуверенных юношей, которые отлично разбираются в модных ...Не найдено: жилет«Жилет HAMAKI-HO» — карточка пользователя svetlana ... - Яндексm.yandex.kz › svetlana.dorohina2018 › Мужской чёрный джинсовый жилет: образыСохраненная копияКарточка «Жилет HAMAKI-HO» из коллекции «Мужской чёрный джинсовый жилет: образы» в Яндекс.Коллекциях.

Обогревательные приборы - купить недорого обогревательный ...

Купить товары раздела обогревательные приборы, лучшие цены в интернет магазине Эльдорадо

Yune Ho at ANTHOM - Page 2 - shopanthom.com

Yune Ho is based on the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi: beauty in imperfect perfection. An emerging women's fashion designer based in NYC.

Обогреватели для дома и дачи Hyundai - 41 товар(а/ов) по цене от 709 рублей: отзывы, выбор по ...

HAMAKI-HO Жилет Мужчинам CL000021712597 купить за 3850р

Купить HAMAKI-HO Жилет Мужчинам CL000021712597 за 3850р в интернет магазине c бесплатной доставкой по России.

Топ 10 производителей комбикормов — Latifundist.com

Производство комбикормов крупными предприятиями Украины в июле-июне 2013 ... представляет рейтинг ТОП 10 производителей ... ОАО «Ди­кань­ский меж­хо­зяй ...

Купить мужские жилеты HAMAKI-HO в интернет магазине ...

Большой выбор мужских жилетов от HAMAKI-HO в интернет-магазине WildBerries.ru. Бесплатная доставка и постоянные скидки!

ANDY HO | Stylemi

Купить ANDY HO. В наличии более 10 моделей из ... ANDY HO. Подписаться на новинки от ANDY HO ... ANDY HO - Легкое Пальто Легкое Пальто ANDY ...

Купить парки HAMAKI-HO (ВЕСНА-ЛЕТО 2018) в интернет ...

парки HAMAKI-HO (ВЕСНА-ЛЕТО 2018). Коллекция: ВЕСНА-ЛЕТО 2018. Все · ВЕСНА-ЛЕТО 2018 · ОСЕНЬ-ЗИМА 2018/2019. ©2001-2018 “Палермо” ...

Hamaki-Ho Кардиганы - Hamaki-Ho Для Мужчин - YOOX

Кардиганы от Hamaki-Ho для Мужчин на Yoox. Открой для себя мир Yoox. Доставка по всей России.

Resolve a DOI Name

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to doi ...

Легкое Пальто Для Женщин от Marit Ilison - YOOX Россия

Смотреть Легкое Пальто от Marit Ilison Для Женщин на Yoox. Покупка ... ANDY HO Легкое пальто. ANDY HO. Легкое пальто. 72 500 руб 53 650 руб. M.

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Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-10-11-UI655 в рассрочку без переплат в Москве! Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-10-11-UI655 в ...

Andy ho легкое пальто empire-sports.ru

Andy ho легкое пальто. Andy Sheppard - Romaria (180 Gr). 1930 РУБ ... Легкое пальто от Finn Flare выполнено из высококачественного материала.

Маслянный обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-06-UI888

Купить маслянный обогреватель hyundai h-ho1-06-ui888 в Саратове по низким ценам : описание, отзывы.

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Hyundai H-HO-3-09-UI893 ... Готовить сани и покупать обогреватель надо летом пока цены на них не ...

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OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Масляный радиатор Hyundai H-HO-10-09-UI654 ...

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Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-09-UI9004 - купить в интернет-магазине Techport.ru по доступной цене Аксессуары ...

45 Best Yune Ho images - pinterest.co.kr

yune ho was born and raised in south korea. after designing in seoul, he moved to new york and continued his studies at parson school of design. the collection is a true reflection of ho's diverse background. his experiences in both seoul and new york have helped him to develop a keen eye for ...

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Купить Масляный обогреватель hyundai h-ho-5-09-ui900 в интернет-магазине ЭЛЬДОРАДО с доставкой и ...

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Robert Charbonnet, Beauty Photographer, photographer ... 20160127 YuneHo_Fall16_S24_1542.jpg

Yune Ho

©2019 Yune Ho LLC. Home; About; Contact; Instagram

YUNE HO (@yuneho_official) • Instagram photos and videos

3,849 Followers, 602 Following, 97 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from YUNE HO (@yuneho_official)

Брюки голубые в узор — Hamaki-Ho, акция действует до 26 ноября ...

Брюки голубые в узор. Торговая марка: Hamaki-Ho. Вариант: Мужское. LeBoutique – коллекция брендовых вещей от Hamaki-Ho — 2431748.

Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-10-07-UI653 - cenam.net

В интернет-магазине «Ценам.нет» Вы можете приобрести Hyundai H-HO-10-07-UI653, на странице ...

YUNE HO - 203 Photos - Clothing (Brand) - Facebook

yune ho. 241 likes. yune ho visit yune ho collection official website: www.yuneho.com

Argentine: découverte d'un dinosaure géant de plus de 200 ...

Une équipe de chercheurs a retrouvé en Argentine les restes d'une espèce de dinosaure géant qui a vécu sur Terre il y a plus de 200 millions d'années ...

Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-10-09-UI654 — подробные отзывы и оценка пользователей после покупки ...

Жилет "HAMAKI-HO" 44-46 (M) , хлопок на подкладе – купить в ...

600 руб. Позвонить Написать. Жилет "HAMAKI-HO" на пуговицах. размер 44-46 (M) , хлопок с подкладом, на пуговицах с карманами ...

Yune Ho at ANTHOM - shopanthom.com

Yune Ho is born from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi: beauty in imperfect perfection. Though not precisely definable, the concept is based on in-the-moment appreciation of experience, circumstance, and materiality.

Пальто, пол: женский в yoox - цены и фото

Выбрать лучшее предложение на Пальто, пол: женский в yoox в магазинах России. Большой выбор, низкие цены, отзывы покупателей.

Замшевое платье Харси https://jadone.biz/dress-harthy-21778 ...

20093 Цена от производителя, достоверные описание, отзывы, фото ,Цвет: темно-синий ... Yune Ho make as jacket--suede patch instead of pocket?

Радиатор Hyundai H-HO-9-09-UI848 купить по цене 3390р с доставкой в интернет магазине mircli.ru.

Yune Ho | Barneys New York

Praised for his clean lines and minimalist style, South Korean designer Yune Ho excels at juxtaposing dimensions and proportions in his women's ready-to-wear collection to create surprisingly modern silhouettes. | Barneys.com

Инфракрасный обогреватель Hyundai H ... - ozon.ru

OZON.ru предлагает выгодные цены и отличный сервис. Инфракрасный обогреватель Hyundai H-HC3-08-UI998 ...

Мебель салона, Парикмахерское кресло Able (31 цвет) 2469 d ...

Магазин модной мебели из Германии в Санкт-Петербурге, элитная мебель от производителей. Элитная итальянская мебель в салоне «Мебель ...

Rechtsprechung Verbands-Sportgericht - bfv.de

Gründe: Die am 07.07.2018 eingelegten Berufungen gegen die Urteile des BSG Unterfranken vom 04.07.2018, Az.: 00139-17/18-BSG Ufr. und 00140-17/18-BSG Ufr. wurden mit ...

Обогреватель hyundai h ho1 11 ui890, цена - BiaNews

Только тут можно купить обогреватель hyundai h ho1 11 ui890 по цене, которую ты выбираешь сам! Сотни ...

Yune Ho - Store Manager - Clothes Mentor Bloomington | LinkedIn

View Yune Ho's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Yune has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Yune's connections and jobs at similar companies.

Обогреватели Hyundai H-HO1-06-UI888 - kirov.technoportal.ru

Обогреватели Hyundai H-HO1-06-UI888 | Большой выбор интернет-магазинов России в каталоге ТехноПортала.

Масляной обогреватель HYUNDAI H-HO-9-05-UI846

Масляной обогреватель hyundai h-ho-9-05-ui846 в Краснодаре от компании ООО "Хендай-Кубань ...

Great American Interchange - Wikipedia

The Great American Interchange was an important late Cenozoic paleozoogeographic event in which land and freshwater fauna migrated from North America via Central ...

Andy Ho Легкое Пальто, Одежда Екатеринбург

Andy Ho Легкое Пальто, Одежда Екатеринбург. Гибкая система скидок. Тысячи товаров по лучшим ценам!

YUNE HO - Instagram photos and videos - inkphy.com

YUNE HO (@yuneho_official) Instagram ————————• 97 posts 3,832 followers 595 following

Read catalogue_lepetittrainbleu.xls - readbag.com

Readbag users suggest that catalogue_lepetittrainbleu.xls is worth reading. The file contains 465 page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

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Маслянный обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-09-UI889 - цена, отзывы ...

Маслянный обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-09-UI889 по цене от 2 199 рублей в интернет-магазине ...

Купить масляный обогреватель Hyundai H-HO-10-09-UI654 Вы можете в интернет-магазине КомфортБТ.ru. У ...

Yune - YouTube

為了分享喜歡的歌而開始做中字影片 本人韓文能力尚有許多不足 如有錯誤或不夠完美還請不吝指教 另外有些是引用其他翻譯者的文字 影片下方皆有註明出處 非常感謝他們的辛勞 - 久久才會生出中字影片 還請見諒 另外 ...

Платья Yune Ho - купить в интернет-магазине - Shopsy

Купить платья Yune Ho: платья-трапеции, с карманами, с декольте, на молнии, стрейч, без рукавов, с вырезом, цветные. 1 товаров в наличии с доставкой по России ...

Etagerca - novostroy54.ru

Комод Etagerca Olivia ящ-двер GA5005ETG/C. 49854.50 РУБ. Купить Смотреть. Комод Etagerca Adelina 4ящ DM1094ETGR. 48959.50 РУБ.

Купить недорого Масляный радиатор hyundai h-ho-9-09-ui848, белый в интернет-магазине СИТИЛИНК.

High quanlity VCM-202 tissue microtome купить превосходный ...

24 фев 2016 - 21 мин. - Добавлено пользователем Dj KIRILL SKЗнатоков прошу строго не судить ) эти треки были сделаны мной в программе Ableton ...

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Большой выбор магазинов где можно купить обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-11-UI9005 (2 предложения).

Andy ho легкое пальто - найти в интернет playinstinct.ru

andy ho легкое пальто купить по лучшей цене. техническая ткань, петлицы, одноцветное изделие, двубортная модель, пуговицы, воротник с лацканами, ...

Hamaki-Ho для Мужчин - YOOX Россия

Покупай Hamaki-Ho для Мужчин онлайн на Yoox. Открой для ... HAMAKI-HO - Бушлаты и двубортные пальто Предпросмотр .... Классические жилеты.

Купить Жилет Holty по выгодной цене на Яндекс.Маркете

Жилет Holty. Цены, отзывы ... Мужские утепленные жилеты · Holty .... Производитель: HAMAKI-HO; Стиль: casual; Состав: хлопок; Размер: 50, 56; Цвет:.

Бабушке | Стихи про смерть

Моей милой бабушке Зое посвящается... А дом еще хранит твое тепло, О, сколько было в нем

HAMAKI-HO купить в интернет магазине в Киеве, доставка по ...

Каталог HAMAKI-HO. Все модели бренда HAMAKI-HO, только оригинал! Скидки каждый день! Индивидуальная доставка из Италии ☎ (044) 232-90-26.

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В интернет-магазине «Ценам.нет» Вы можете приобрести Hyundai H-FH1-20-UI590, на странице ...

Wess Wessling's Beer Carriers (Collection and Traders)

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Брюки мужские HAMAKI-HO купить недорого в интернет магазине ...

Брюки мужские, бренд: HAMAKI-HO в интернет магазине Классик, купить ... более официального образа Вы можете надеть с ними рубашку и жилет ...


sartorialità artigianale partenopea legata a un'anima cosmopolita, un continuo movimento che si ispira al mondo, dando vita a un prodotto unico ed esclusivo.Не найдено: жилетHo - Женская одежда - OLX.uahttps://www.olx.ua › Все объявления › Мода и стиль › Одежда/обувьСохраненная копияHo OLX.ua. ... Женская куртка Hamaki-Ho. Одежда/обувь » Женская одежда. 2 300 грн. ... Кожаный жилет итальянского бренда Peggy-Ho жилетка Италия.

Yune Ho - The Glass Magazine

Lost your password? Search. Fashion

Масляный обогреватель Hyundai H-ho-9-07-ui847 купить в Уфе. Описание товара, условия оплаты и доставки.

Bacillus thuringiensis - Wikipedia

Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide. B. thuringiensis also occurs naturally in the gut ...

Andy Ho Легкое Пальто, Одежда Россия

Andy Ho Легкое Пальто, Одежда Россия. Низкие цены, отличный выбор товаров.

Мужские пиджаки Hamaki-ho (Хамаки-хо) - купить в интернет ...

Купить мужские пиджаки Hamaki-ho: с карманами, на пуговицах, с лацканами, однобортные, стрейч, ... Hamaki-ho Жилет на пуговицах с воротником.

Lenovo — Википедия

Является крупнейшим производителем персональных компьютеров в мире с долей на рынке более 20 %, ... В июне 2011 года Lenovo приобрела немецкую компанию Medion, ...

Обогреватели - mopra.ru

Мы подобрали 5424 аналогов товара Масляный обогреватель 2.5 кВт Timberk TOR 31.2409 QT ... 2.5 кВт Hyundai H-HO-8 ...

Yune Ho | Bird Brooklyn

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Обогреватели Hyundai H-HO-8-11-UI845 можно ... - amd.by

О проблемных перепадах температуры легко позволят забыть Обогреватели Hyundai H-HO-8-11-UI845 от amd ...

Обогреватель hyundai ho 4 09 ui897. Купить, цена - shopmd.ru

Обогреватель hyundai ho 4 09 ui897. Максимальная мощность (вт): 2000 количество секций: 9 страна ...

Высокопроизводительный масляной обогреватель Hyundai H-HO1-06-UI888 представляет собой ... Hyundai H-HO-9 ...

45 Best Yune Ho images - pinterest.com

yune ho was born and raised in south korea. after designing in seoul, he moved to new york and continued his studies at parson school of design. the collection is a true reflection of ho's diverse background. his experiences in both seoul and new york have helped him to develop a keen eye for ...

Модные джинсовые жилетки - весна-лето 2014 года

Джинсовый жилет RedSkins RedSkins Купить в Wildberries 5 210 руб. 3 073 руб. Джинсовый жилет HAMAKI-HO HAMAKI-HO Купить в Wildberries 4 780 ...

#пальтоbrandoff hashtag on Instagram - Insta Stalker

#050 ANDY HO One size Очень крутое Не носили,но есть . ... #050 Новое кашемировое пальто Maison Martin Margiella♥️Paris Легкое мягкое роскошное ...

Жилет черный новый Hamaki-ho | Festima.Ru - Мониторинг ...

Продам новый стильный жилет бренда Hamaki-ho, на пуговицах. Состав ткани - 50 % хлопок, 50% акрил Замеры - грудь 48, длина 64. Возможна ...

Купить масляный обогреватель hyundai ho 4 05 ui 895 eqwo. Максимальная мощность (вт): 2000 количество ...

Ho law the psychology of coaching mentoring and learning. Argentine: découverte d'un dinosaure géant de plus de 200 ...

Une équipe de chercheurs a retrouvé en Argentine les restes d'une espèce de dinosaure géant qui a vécu sur Terre il y a plus de 200 millions d'années ...


The latest Tweets from YUNE HO (@YUNEHONYC): "Hello Barneys! Hello Yune Ho! #newarrival #fall2017 #yune_ho #barneysnewyork https://t.co/QAM2jkgLjK"

климатическая техника - обогреватели - Купить Обогреватель Hyundai H-HO2-05-UI555, масляный, 1400 Вт, 18 ...

[Hamaki-Ho]: Купить Хамаки-Хо в Киеве, Украине. Цены в интернет ...

Hamaki-Ho: Подлинные товары Хамаки-Хо по выгодным ценам. ✓ Актуальные коллекции и распродажи до 90 % ✓ Бесплатная примерка и доставка ...

Psychology of Soccer

This interesting book examines the emotional, physical and learning development of 6 to 11 year old players, teenage players, and college players, as well as the motivational factors involved with coaching these different age groups and the inter-action between the coach and the players. The role and effects of the parents, referees, and supporters is also considered and how energies can best be channelled to achieve the greatest team harmony and results.

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Reedswain похожие


Brennan Diane The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching. From Theory to Practice

Praise for The Handbook ofKnowledge-Based Coaching «Definitive, with extensive references and a commitment to connecting theory to practice in every chapter, this important contribution is a delicious and wide-ranging exploration of the lineages that have shaped the modern practice of coaching.» —Doug Silsbee, author, Presence-Based Coaching and The Mindful Coach «The translation of theories from multiple disciplines to the practice of coaching makes this book a must-read!» —Terrence E. Maltbia, senior lecturer, Adult Learning and Leadership; and faculty director, Columbia Coaching Certification Program, Teachers College, Columbia University «If you have an appetite for the scientific roots of what works best in coaching, and you are hungry for an easy-to-digest translation of the science to practice, this book is a feast and will be on your plate for many years to come.» —Margaret Moore (Coach Meg), founder and CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation; and codirector, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School «Whether youre a beginner or an experienced coach, this rollicking ride through dozens of the most important theories and perspectives in coaching will be a vital companion. With quick and helpful summaries of key ideas and their use—and selective bibliographies should you wish to go deeper into a particular area—this book will help you support your clients in a targeted and sophisticated way.» —Jennifer Garvey Berger, author, Changing on the Job: Growing the Leaders Our Organizations Need; and coeditor, Executive Coaching: Practices and Perspectives «This is a book I have been missing. What a pleasure to read and what a stretching of my mind.» —Kim GØrtz, senior consultant, Copenhagen Coaching Center «Anyone who is serious about improving the quality of coaching will find The Handbook an invaluable resource that reflects the breadth and richness of the growing evidence-based approach to coaching practice.» —David Clutterbuck, visiting professor in the coaching and mentoring faculties, Oxford Brookes and Sheffield Hallam Universities

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Challenges and Innovations in Educational Psychology Teaching Learning

Leading faculty members in educational psychology, who are expert classroom teachers, describe inherent difficulties encountered when teaching different subject matter in educational psychology to diverse populations of students, including undergraduate teacher candidates, psychology and child development majors, and graduate students in education and psychology. Educational psychology addresses subject matter as diverse as child and adolescent development, motivation, learning theories, student assessment, teacher expertise, and research methods and statistics. Drawing from their years of classroom experience, as well as their expertise in designing and conducting educational research, the contributing authors report their successful instructional efforts and innovations designed to increase student learning and knowledge of the discipline.

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Advancing Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Educational Psychology. A Festschrift for Dennis M. McInerney

Scholars and practitioners in the fields of education and educational psychology have come to agree thatconceptions of learning and teaching, student and teacher motivation, engagement, learning and teachingstrategies, and by implication, student academic achievement and teacher effectiveness are also influencedby a sociocultural context where the schooling process takes place. This raises the question if educationalpsychology theorizing and findings can be adopted to inform and guide teaching and learning in differentcultures. As such, there is a compelling and timely need for educational psychology researchers to harnessadvanced cross-cultural research designs and look at the different key facets of student and teacheracademic careers from a cross-cultural perspective. Dennis McInerney is one of the key pioneering figuresin cross-cultural educational psychology and has also edited a book series on Research on SocioculturalInfluences on Motivation and Learning (Information Age Publishing). His ideas and research have inspiredmany to examine the role of sociocultural context in motivation and learning. This volume is a celebrationof McInerney's numerous and extensive contributions as a scholar, as well as an appreciation of his personal qualities that make him such an inspiringperson. In this festschrift, the editors seek to extend the scholarly contributions of Dennis McInerney by inviting internationally recognized and leadingeducational psychology scholars who have ins...

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Dai Jones Psychology in Social Context. Issues and Debates

Psychology in Social Context: Issues and Debates provides a critical perspective on debates and controversies that have divided opinion within psychology both past and present. Explores the history of psychology through examples of classic and contemporary debates that have split the discipline and sparked change, including race and IQ, psychology and gender, ethical issues in psychology, parapsychology and the nature-nurture debate Represents a unique approach to studying the nature of psychology by combining historical controversies with contemporary debates within the discipline Sets out a clear view of psychology as a reflexive human science, embedded in and shaped by particular socio-historical contexts Written in an accessible style using a range of pedagogical features – such as set learning outcomes, self-test questions, and further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter

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Janet Thompson Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare. A Practical Approach

Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare is a practical, interactive resource that promotes active participation and enhances a deeper level of understanding of mentorship. It explores what is meant by the process of mentoring, addresses what a mentor is, what the role entails, and gives practical help on teaching and assessing students in clinical practice. Written primarily for mentors, this book offers a range of theoretical and practical activities and resources that are enhanced by online learning resources. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of mentorship, including: The role of mentorship The mentor-student relationship The mentor as teacher Experiential learning and reflective practice Learning styles and teaching theories The mentor as assessor Competence and capability Health improvement Career development A core text for mentor preparation and mentor update courses in nursing and allied health, Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare is an essential guide that supports learning and ongoing professional development. Key Features: Includes not only the latest and most up-to-date NMC standards, but also the Health and Care Professions Councils standards of proficiency Accessible and practice-oriented, with case studies, reflective exercises and activities throughout Has a strong focus on assessment skills Supported by interactive online resources that include test-yourself questions, multiple choice questions, web-links, PowerPoint slides, case studies, and activities at www.wiley.com/go/mentoring

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Stephen Joseph Positive Psychology in Practice. Promoting Human Flourishing Work, Health, Education, and Everyday Life

The best minds in positive psychology survey the state of the field Positive Psychology in Practice, Second Edition moves beyond the theoretical to show how positive psychology is being used in real-world settings, and the new directions emerging in the field. An international team of contributors representing the best and brightest in the discipline review the latest research, discuss how the findings are being used in practice, explore new ideas for application, and discuss focus points for future research. This updated edition contains new chapters that explore the intersection between positive psychology and humanistic psychology, salugenesis, hedonism, and eudaimonism, and more, with deep discussion of how the field is integrating with the new areas of self-help, life coaching, social work, rehabilitation psychology, and recovery-oriented service systems. This book explores the challenges and opportunities in the field, providing readers with the latest research and consensus on practical application. Get up to date on the latest research and practice findings Integrate positive psychology into assessments, life coaching, and other therapies Learn how positive psychology is being used in schools Explore possible directions for new research to push the field forward Positive psychology is being used in areas as diverse as clinical, counseling, forensic, health, educational, and industrial/organizational settings, in a wide variety of interventions and applications. Psychologists and other mental health professionals who want to promote human flourishing and well-being will find the second edition of Positive Psychology in Practice to be an informative, comprehensive guide.

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John Leary-Joyce Fertile Void. Gestalt Coaching at Work

A practical, accessible, and yet genuinely authoritative handbook on the application of Gestalt to the world of executive coaching. In The Fertile Void John Leary-Joyce, a pioneer of Gestalt coaching, distils a lifetime's experience of Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching and coach training. Starting with a down-to-earth examination of the psychological theory that underpins the Gestalt approach to coaching, the book then uses numerous examples and exercises to take you through Gestalt coaching in action. John then helps you develop practitioner skills through Active Experimentation, Bodywork, and Team coaching. He concludes with guidance on how you can develop your Signature Presence - essential to effective coaching, then examines the role of Supervision in a Gestalt coaching context. An invaluable handbook for both experienced executive coaches seeking to extend their range of interventions and impact, and those new coaches developing a coaching skill set. "A highly practical book, it provides transparent step by step guidance and numerous useful experiments all of which make it a great learning experience for internal coaches because it directly addresses the complexity of their context.""A great and very readable book for any coach who wants to increase their ability to work with emergent change in their individual or team coaching relationships." "Highly accessible, fluidly and expertly written, this book is beautiful.... It gave me a highly informati...

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Caltabiano Marie Louise Applied Topics in Health Psychology

This selection of in-depth, critical and comprehensive chapters on topical issues in applied health psychology features the work of key researchers and practitioners in the Australasian health system and deals with both theoretical and methodological aspects of the subject. The first health psychology text aimed specifically at regional postgraduate trainees Covers an array of topics and issues and focuses on applied aspects of clinical health and health promotion Includes both specialized topics and new frontiers of research Contextualizes health psychology teaching and learning for Australasian students

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Gladeana McMahon Positive Psychology For Dummies

Why do some people achieve greater success and happiness than others? The key is positive psychology. For most of its history, psychology has focused mainly on the darker side of human behaviour – depression, anxiety, psychosis and psychopathic behaviour. In 1998, Martin Seligman became president of the American Psychological Association and inspired a movement to focus on the positives in human behaviour. Positive Psychology For Dummies: Taps into the burgeoning media focus on happiness and positive mental attitude Provides key information on the origins, theory, methods, practitioners and results of positive psychology Demonstrates how to understand what makes you tick, how to hone positive emotions and how to use positive philosophy for success in both your personal and working lives. Is perfect for a wide audience, from those wanting to get more out of their life, to psychology students or counsellors About the author Gladeana McMahon is co-author of Performance Coaching For Dummies. She is regarded as one of the UK’s top ten coaches. Averil Leimon is co-author of Performance Coaching For Dummies. She is a business psychologist and a leading UK leadership coach.

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Robert S. Feldman Essentials of Understanding Psychology, 5th Edition

Essentials of Understanding Psycology. The mission of this extensively revised new edition is to foste rstudent empowerment by giving the students the tools they need to master the content of psychology, to think critically about psychological phenomenon, and to build an appreciation of how psychology can increase their understanding of the owrld. A key aspect of the revision is the incorporation of Rober t Feoldmans P.O.W.E.R. Learning System into the book and the ancillary package. Based on empirical research carried out by learning researchers, the P.O.W.E.R. framwork is a systematic approach to learning and studying based on five key steps..Издательство: McGraw Hill

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Barry Cripps Psychometric Testing. Critical Perspectives

Psychometric Testing offers an in-depth examination of the strengths and limitations psychometric testing, with coverage of diverse methods of test development and application. A state-of-the-art exploration of the contemporary field of psychometric testing, bringing together the latest theory and evidence-based practice from 21 global experts Explores a variety of topics related to the field, including test construction, use and applications in human resources and training, assessment and verification of training courses, and consulting Includes applications for clinical psychology, performance psychology, and sport and exercise psychology across a range of professions (research, teaching, coaching, consulting, and advising) Acknowledges the dynamic nature of the field and identifies future directions in need of more research, including Internet and smart phone testing

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Robin Murphy A. The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning

The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning charts the evolution of associative analysis and the neuroscientific study of behavior as parallel approaches to understanding how the brain learns that both challenge and inform each other. Covers a broad range of topics while maintaining an overarching integrative approach Includes contributions from leading authorities in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, associative learning, and behavioral psychology Extends beyond the psychological study of learning to incorporate coverage of the latest developments in neuroscientific research

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Pappas James P. Transforming Adults Through Coaching: New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Number 148

The field of coaching adult populations has grown dramatically over the past two decades. This volume brings together coaching scholars and experts to review this trend, examine some of the theoretical foundations of the field, and explore how coaching adults manifests itself in the workplace, at executive levels, and in educational and nonprofit organizations. Readers will: Gain understanding of this field of coaching adult audiences, Learn how adult development and adult learning theories undergird this work, and See applications of coaching approaches through numerous case studies. This is the 148th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums. This is the 148th volume of the Jossey Bass series New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education. Noted for its depth of coverage, it explores issues of common interest to instructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in a broad range of education settings, such as colleges and universities, extension programs, businesses, libraries, and museums.

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Winter David A. The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology

The Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology is the definitive new reference for the field, providing a state-of-the-art review of PCP which focuses on the theory and its philosophy, methodology, areas of application and future horizons A definitive new reference work for the field of personal construct psychology, featuring leading international figures in the field Each section begins with a concise chapter that reviews the literature in the area concerned and highlights new developments Covers theory, history, methodology and a wealth of new and established applications including education, grief and meaning reconstruction, sexuality, organizational consultancy and personal construct coaching Draws on published and previously unpublished work by pioneers including Fay Fransella and Miller Mair

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Anthony Beech R. Forensic Psychology. Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions

Introduces forensic psychology to students and professionals who want to better understand psychology’s expanding influence on the study of law, crime and criminality Forensic psychology is a constantly growing discipline, both in terms of student interest and as a profession for graduates. This book highlights the often sizeable gap between media myths surrounding forensic practice and reality. Editors Graham Davies and Anthony Beech present an exciting and broad range of topics within the field, including detailed treatments of the causes of crime, investigative methods, the trial process, and interventions with different types of offenders and offences. Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions, Third Edition covers every aspect of forensic psychology—from understanding criminal behaviour, to applying psychological theory to criminal investigation, analysing the legal process and the treatment of witnesses and offenders. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest findings. The book also includes two entirely new chapters—one on psychopathy and crime, the other on female offenders. Drawing on a wealth of experience from leading researchers and practitioners, this new edition will interest and enthuse today’s generation of students. All chapters thoroughly revised and updated Features two brand new chapters Supplemented by additional online resource materials, including related links, multiple choice questions, and PowerPoint slides Authored by a wide-range of experienced forensic psychology professionals Forensic Psychology, Third Edition is essential reading for undergraduates’ first encounter with the subject area and is an excellent introduction for more specialised postgraduate courses.

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Jonathan Gravells, Susan Wallace Dial M for Mentor. Reflections on Mentoring in Film, Television and Literature

This book takes stories of learning relationships from popular films, television programmes andliterature, and uses them as a catalyst for beginners and experts alike to reflect critically on theirown mentoring and coaching practice. How realistic are our expectations of personal change, andto what extent is the flourishing self-help market responsible for this? What, if any, are the moralresponsibilities of executive mentors and coaches, when it comes to global corporate wrongdoing?What should constitute 'truth' and 'knowledge' in a world in which ambiguity and doubt canappear more effective weapons of survival? What can Pinocchio, The Matrix, Star Wars or TheSopranos tell us about any of this?Storytelling and metaphor have become of increasing interest in research into leadership andlearning. Here is a book which takes the idea of storytelling as a powerful aid to learning and change, and uses it to help practitionersand educators challenge their ideas on mentoring in an entertaining way, by asking themselves some of the difficult questions that thesepopular stories raise.

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